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17 Jun


Even if you've never experienced burning mouth syndrome, you can probably guess based on the name what it feels like: not great! Your mouth feels like it’s  burning !


Burning mouth syndrome is burning pain in the mouth that may occur every day for months or longer. Doctors and dentists do not have a specific test for burning mouth syndrome, which makes it hard to diagnose.


One of the few things we do know about burning mouth syndrome  is the symptom list , your tongue, gums, throat, or your entire mouth feel like they're burning or have been scalded even though you haven’t actually eaten anything spicy or drunk any boiling hot coffee recently. You might also notice feelings of dry mouth or weird differences in your sense of taste, such as having an overall metallic taste. For some people, those symptoms get worse as the day goes on or come and go throughout the day, but for others, they stay at a pretty constant level of pain.


Apart from the burning or scalded sensation on the tongue, other symptoms include a metallic or bitter taste that accompanies the burning sensation, a feeling of having a dry mouth even though saliva production is normal, increased thirst, loss of taste and a bumpy appearance with redness on the tongue.


The causes of this irritating oral problem are classified as either primary or secondary. The primary cause is related to problems with taste and sensory nerves.

Secondary causes include underlying medical conditions such as dry mouth,fungal infection  of mouth ( oral thrush ), an inflammatory condition called oral lichen planus or a condition called geographic tongue that gives the tongue a map-like appearance , nutritional deficiencies, poorly fitting dentures, an allergic reaction to food, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), certain medications, poor oral hygiene, endocrine disorders and psychological factors, such as anxiety, depression or stress.

Diabetic people and women who have entered the postmenopausal stage are at an increased risk for burning tongue syndrome.


Risk factors

Burning mouth syndrome is uncommon. However, your risk may be greater if:

  • You're a woman
  • You're postmenopausal
  • You're over the age of 50


The symptoms can appear suddenly or develop gradually over time.When the problem is severe, it can cause difficulty eating, difficulty falling asleep, depression and anxiety.

Burning mouth syndrome can be difficult to diagnose because there are a bunch of other dental and medical conditions that can cause those symptoms (e.g. food allergies, thyroid issues, or tooth grinding). So, if you have a weird burning sensation in your mouth, definitely get it checked out. .It’s best to consult a doctor to determine if there is an underlying issue that requires medical care.Your doctor will help you get relief. Medicine can help control pain and relieve dry mouth.Because BMS is a complex pain disorder, the treatment that works for one person may not work for another.Symptoms of secondary BMS go away when the underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or yeast infection, is treated. If a drug is causing secondary BMS, then your doctor may switch you to a new medicine.


You can try some simple home remedies to reduce the severity of symptoms and prevent complications.

Here are the top 10 ways to help treat burning tongue syndrome.



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